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  • Easily grown in average, medium moisture, well-drained soils in full sun to part shade, but tolerates close to full shade. Prefers part afternoon shade in hot summer climates. Performs well in moist garden areas.

    Pot Size (gallons), Height: #1

  • A dwarf plant with graceful, silvery green arching foliage that becomes a whirl of orange, gold, and burgundy in fall. Spectacular in mass plantings or mixed into perennial borders.

    Pot Size (gallons), Height: #3

  • Also known as the Christmas Palm, because its fruit blossom corresponds with the ever popular Christmas holiday, this south Florida staple has a smart and formal appearance.

    Pot Size (gallons), Height: 16′

  • Lush darkest burgundy/black foliage blankets the ground. Leaves are slightly more upright and wavy. Ajuga Black Scallop achieves best foliage color in sunny locations. Blue flower spikes appearing in late spring. Evergreen in milder climates.

    Pot Size (gallons), Height: #1

  • Burgundy bronze foliage creates an illuminating backdrop for the blue flowering spikes that appear in spring. Ajuga Bronze Beauty does well in tubs and mixed containers as well as in rock gardens and borders.

    Pot Size (gallons), Height: #1

  • Fantastic tricolored foliage in shades of creamy-white, rose-burgundy, and dark green make this ajuga different than all the others. In the fall, the mature leaves turn a deep bronze while the newer growth takes on a rose tone.

    Pot Size (gallons), Height: #1

  • Similar to Yoshino but has fragrant pink flowers.

    Zoning: 4
    Mature Height and Spread: 25’

  • The Alexandrina is a Japanese Magnolia tree with large, beautiful purple flowers that will make an elegant and tranquil edition to your yard or garden area. The Alexandrina is a deciduous tree, and its flowers bloom in late winter to early spring.

    Trunk Diameter: 8-10′

  • Rounded deciduous shrub with dark leathery green foliage and white flowers.

    Zoning: 5-8
    Mature Height and Spread: 6-8’