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  • Red foliage persisting through summer.

    Zoning: 4-5
    Mature Height and Spread:
    15′-20′ & 15′-20′
    Trunk Diameter: 2-2.5”, 2.5-3”

  • Amazing red fall color, with delicate, lacy leaves of burgundy all summer long; These Japanese maples are the most coveted of all small landscape trees, having almost the perfect shape, habit, and fall colors. Full to partial sun. 8’x8’ when fully mature. Zone 5a. Dwarf cultivars also available.

    Zoning: 5a
    Mature Height and Spread: 8’ & 8’
    Trunk Diameter: 2-2.5”, 2.5-3”, 3-3.5”, 4”

  • Trunk Diameter: 2-2.5″, 2.5-3″ , 3-3.5″ , 4″

  • Deeply cut, pale green leaves display attractive red margins and turn a vibrant, golden yellow in fall.

    Zoning: 5-8

  • Heavily curled green leaves give an interesting texture to this compact, shrubby tree. Foliage becomes purple-red with orange-red patterns in fall,

    Zoning: 6-9

  • Pot Size (gallons), Height: #35
    Trunk Diameter: 4″

  • Vivid green, finely cut leaves change to beautiful shades of gold and crimson in the fall. Small tree with graceful weeping habit and excellent branching architecture.

    Zoning: 5-8