• An excellent evergreen shrub for small hedges. Among the hardiest of the small-leaved boxwoods, the rich green foliage can acquire a golden bronze hue in cold winter zones, but is one of the first to become green again in spring.

    Pot Size (gallons), Height: 18″

  • One of the finest forms of this species, features a narrow conical habit and whorls of long green needles that do not discolor in winter; grows slowly and has a surreal pristine form; a beautiful focal point on the landscape

    Pot Size (gallons), Height: 5-6′

  • A deciduous shrub with rich textured leaves. Profuse, bright red berries persist through Winter. Good selection for shade plantings as well as sunny locations.

    Zoning: 4-9
    Mature Height and Spread: 6-9’ & 6-8’
    Pot Size (gallons), Height: #3 #7 4’ B&B

  • Call for details

  • This deer resistant Viburnum has beautiful pie shaped flowers followed by white to black berries.

    Zoning: 5-9
    Mature Height and Spread: 5-7’

  • Fragrant white flowers are present mid April. Shade tolerant.

    Mature Height and Spread: 5-6’
    Pot Size (gallons), Height: #3 18-24”BB

  • ‘Wolf Eyes’ is a particularly popular cultivar of the Chinese dogwood (Cornus kousa). Like the species plant, which is native to China, Korea, and Japan, ‘Wolf Eyes’ is a multi-stemmed large shrub or small tree with white flowers that appear for up to six weeks in late spring.

    Pot Size (gallons), Height: 30-36″

  • The showy flowers appear from mid-summer until the first frost and come in a wide range of color from pink, white, yellow, orange red, and purple or mixed colors.

    Pot Size (gallons), Height: #1

  • A most unusual small tree with very pendulous branches. The graceful mounding form beautifully displays the dramatic, weeping habit, and develops a noticeable trunk with age

    Zoning: 2-6